Completing a online payment:

Transfers and Payments 

Trust I.P. Bank offers you many methods of making transfers to accounts in Trust I.P. Group and payments to other banks.

Stay on top of bills and credit card payments with Internet Banking. Make secure international payments, and keep an eye on your Direct Debits and standing orders.


Make transfers between your own accounts for FREE by: 

  • By sending us a letter bearing the signature of the account holders as per the account mandate, instructing us which account to debit and credit, and the amount
  • Through internet banking (registration required)

  • Through telephone banking (registration required)

 Help Centre - Get help with our online banking services

What is a BIC?

A BIC (Business Identifier Code) may be used to identify the financial institution receiving your payment. Some countries may require a Local Clearing Code (LCC) instead of a BIC. The details required will default depending on the beneficiary country you select and you should always obtain the details from the person you are sending your payment to.

What is an IBAN?

An IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is a series of alphanumeric characters that helps to identify accounts held anywhere in the world. Not all beneficiaries will have an IBAN and may hold an account number depending on their bank. You should always obtain the IBAN or account number from the person you are sending your payment to.


Payments in Euros to the Euro-zone must quote an IBAN.


Where can I find the BIC & IBAN?

You should always obtain the Business Identifier Code (BIC) / SWIFT / Local Clearing Code (LCC) and International Bank Account Number (IBAN)/account number from the person you are sending your payment to.


It is important to make sure that the beneficiary details are correct. It is likely that your payment will not reach the beneficiary if you give us any incorrect details.


The BIC I have been given does not correspond to the branch I was expecting?

Some banks do not allocate unique BICs to their individual branches and may require you to send the payment to a regional or head office. As such, the bank address generated from the details you input may not correspond to the actual branch address. Where this is the case, please ensure you have obtained the correct details from the person you are sending the payment to.


Always check with the beneficiary to confirm which BIC and IBAN you should use.


Can I specify an intermediary bank?

You cannot specify an intermediary bank, we will route the payment automatically to the beneficiary's bank using the BIC.

The beneficiary has told me that their country does not use IBANs?

Not all countries use IBANs. In these cases simply use the beneficiary account number. Remember, where the BIC has not uniquely identified the account holding branch, you should also include the local clearing code (LCC) within the IBAN/Account number box.


Payments in Euros to the Euro zone must quote an IBAN.


How much can I send online?

You can send Euros 100,000 per day (or currency equivalent), as a combination of immediate, future dated and recurring payments. Please be aware, the daily limit applies to all International Payments due on the same day.

Payment limits are subject to change and should be checked each time you make a payment. If the payment you wish to make exceeds this daily limit please contac your account manager.

Platinum Account Services are eligeble to send Euros 500,000 per day (or currency equivalent).


What should I enter in the 'message to beneficiary' field?

This field allows you to send a message to the beneficiary, if you choose. Whilst TRUST I.P.B. will send the message we cannot guarantee that the beneficiary's bank will pass it on.

Why do I need to give a 'reason for payment'?

Some countries require a reason for the payment in order to meet their legal obligations and will not release the funds if one is not provided. 

Why can't I amend the number of recurring payments I have already set up?

It is possible for you to amend the number of payments on a recurring instruction. The total number of payments you asked us to make will be displayed in the 'After 'xx' payments have been made' field. In order to amend the number of payments you want to make, please enter the new number of payments you would like to be made in total, this new number must include all the payments that have already been made.