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  • International Payments Service: Allows you to send money to 90 countries in 60 different currencies. The Priority option which will suit you best if you need to make same-day or next-day payments, or use the Standard option for less urgent transfers

  • Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) Credit Transfer: Allows you to send payments in Euros to EU countries and their territories (including the UK Crown Dependencies) plus Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Monaco, San Marino and Switzerland. Funds are guaranteed to be in the recipient’s account the next working day if they’re sent by 3pm.


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How much will it cost?

Where International Payments are made online there will be a charge of either £0 for each payment to an TRUST I.P.B. account or £4 for each payment to a non TRUST I.P.B. account. The charge will be shown on screen before you confirm the payment. For charges through telephone banking, please refer to your Personal Banking Terms and Conditions and Charges.

For International Payments, made from an TRUST I.P.B. Currency Account, these will be debited in the currency of your account. For further details, please refer to your TRUST I.P.B. Currency Account Terms and Conditions and Charges.

The charge will be debited to your account when we process the payment.

What Exchange Rate will be used?

The TRUST Exchange Rates we use are variable and are changing constantly, reflecting the movements in foreign exchange markets.

The TRUST Exchange Rate we apply to your payment is the rate we display on the payment review page. By selecting 'confirm and make payment', you are agreeing to the rate. If you choose not to accept the rate and want to exit, you can select 'view my accounts'. Once the rate has been rejected or expired, it cannot be recalled.
A live TRUST Exchange Rate will be provided during the foreign currency markets opening hours. These markets are closed from 22:00 every Friday until midnight Sunday.
Due to potential movements in foreign currency markets during the closed periods, the TRUST Exchange Rate will include an additional premium which enables us to guarantee you a specific rate. You do not have to accept this rate and may wish to wait for the foreign currency markets to re-open in order to have the live applicable rate applied to your instruction which may be higher or lower than the rate we provide.

Where can I find example Exchange Rates?

You can find example TRUST Exchange Rates in step one of the International Payment journey when you are logged into Online Banking. You can also contact us through telephone banking.

When will the payment debit my account?

The payment may not debit your account immediately. This is because we may need to undertake further security checks or you have given us your instructions after the cut-off time for the payment you are making. If you have given us instructions after the cut-off time, we will begin processing your payment at the start of the next working day.

Please ensure you keep sufficient funds available until the payment has been debited from your account.

Please allow up to 48 hours before contacting us (to allow time for the payment to debit your account). Do not re-input the payment, as this may cause your account to be debited twice.

Can I save the beneficiary details to use in the future?

There is an option to 'save beneficiary for future use' (which automatically defaults to 'Yes') which can be used to save the beneficiary details. If you do not want to save the beneficiary details, you can change this entry to 'No'. You will be asked to enter a 'nickname' to allow you to identify it in future. Beneficiaries will automatically be deleted if you have not used them for 13 months.