International Accounts
Planned Overdrafts
(by prior arrangement, Sterling accounts only)
Up to £500 : no interest charged
Over £500 : Monthly interest at 2.23% (AER 17.8%)
Unplanned Overdrafts
Sterling International Accounts
Sterling international accounts monthly Interest at 2.23% (AER 17.8%)
Monthly fee of £25
Maximum of one monthly fee charged in a monthly billing period
Daily fee
Sterling International Account
When your Unplanned Overdraft balance is:
Less than £250 : £30 a day
£250 - £1000 : £15 a day
More than £1000 : £20 a day
A maximum of ten daily fees will be charged in a monthly billing period.
How much we lend (if any) is subject to our assessment of your personal circumstances. Overdrafts are also repayable on demand. For the International (Sterling) Account the EAR quoted does not take into account the monthly fee. The Planned and Unplanned Overdraft borrowing rate EAR is calculated on the same basis. EAR stands for Equivalent Annual Rate. APR stands for Annual Percentage rate. Currency accounts

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Unplanned overdrafts on accounts (rates correct 01/05/2016)
Annual equivalent rate:
US Dollar
Rates change in line with base rates (European Central Bank Rate + 4% for Euro accounts and Federal Funds Rate + 4% for US dollar accounts) although they will not change immediately after a base rate change. Please contact us for the latest rates or for further information on Unplanned Overdraft charges for these accounts. For more information on overdraft charges on sterling International Accounts, see our Overdrafts Rates and Charges guide.
Sending funds

International Moneymover Service
Through Internet Banking
Through International PhoneBank, or in writing
Through Standing Order
To your other accounts held with Trust Group
Recipient and Corresponding Banks abroad may charge a fee for receiving payments.
International drafts
£15 (plus registration fee if posted)
Electronic Funds Transfer (CHAPS payments within the British Isles)
Cash withdrawals from the US Dollar and/or Euro Accounts (by prior arrangement only)
2% on the Sterling equivalent of each currency, minimum £3 per currency and £10 administration fee These accounts are not designed to be used for the receipt of notes or coins. If you need this service, please contact your International Banking Team.
Recalling a payment
£20 per payment We cannot guarantee the cancellation as funds may already have been paid to the beneficiary. You could receive less than the original amount of the payment, due to adverse exchange rate movements
Receiving funds

Electronic Bank Transfer from another financial institution
Cheque Collections
Cheques up to £100 : £5
Cheques of £100 and above: 25p per £100 (min £15, max £120 per cheque)
Cheque negotiation to Sterling account The correspondent bank may impose an additional charge based on the value of the cheque.
Cheques up to £100 : £5
Cheques of £100 and above:
25p per £100 (min £8, max £80 per cheque)
Cheques in a foreign currency drawn in a different country
(e.g. US Dollars drawn in France, but not UK): 25p per £100 (min £10, max £80 per cheque)
Cheque negotiation to current account The correspondent bank may impose an additional charge based on the value of the cheque.
Cheques in the same currency as the account : £2 per cheque
Cheques requiring currency conversion : £4 per cheque
Other standard services

Supplying copies of previous bank statements
£5 per sheet (maximum of £10)
An administration charge may be made for excessive requests
Returned item fee
£20 for each unpaid item. We will charge you up to a maximum of three fees a day.