Our international banking services are provided by Trust International Premier Bank (Europe) and Trust International Premier Bank depending on residency.

Since some of our accounts are domiciled outside the UK, our services are sometimes referred to as 'offshore'. An offshore bank is simply a bank based in a jurisdiction outside your country of residence.

It's perfectly legal to have an account in a different jurisdiction but there are tax implications you should be aware of: 

  • It is your responsibility to seek independent tax advice and ensure that any tax liability in relation to funds deposited is accounted for by you or the appropriate tax authorities.

  • If you live outside the EU Member states we pay interest gross of tax, which means we do not deduct any tax from the interest paid to you. You'll need to declare your earnings in the appropriate way.


We don't offer international tax advice directly, but our Premier and Private Banking customers can be referred to tax specialist for an initial appointment with no obligation. If you decide to take up their service you will also benefit from a preferential rate.