Professional investment advice

We'll take time to get to know you, your unique circumstances, needs and goals, and provide you with advice on a whole range of areas including:

  1. Managing your finances while you're abroad
  2. Investing your portfolio with the aim for a regular income in a different currency
  3. Aiming to build up a nest egg that could cope with future uncertainty.
  4. Understanding the links you can maintain with your home country
  5. As your needs evolve we will review your finances to check you're on track to meet your goals. We can also put you in touch with third party specialists from across our network. Remember that the value of investments and income taken from them can go down and be affected by currency fluctuations, so you may get back less than you invest.

Banking services and credit facilities

  1. You will have access to current accounts, savings, loans and other banking facilities.Our credit facility has been designed to provide you with quick access to cash without disturbing your investments.

  2. We could offer you access to an amount equal to 20% of your Sterling assets under management with us, up to a maximum of £50,000.

  3. The interest rate is 2% above the variable base rate of TRUST I.P. Bank and there's no arrangement fee

Whether we can lend you money, how much we lend, the period and rate available depend on our assessment of your personal circumstances and is at our discretion. We may also require security for any borrowing.