Private bank accounts and services that put you at the heart of everything we do

Things you need to know

  1. We get to know you. We start with an in-depth discussion about your current circumstances and any plans you have for the future.
  2. Together, we create a plan. Together, we consider ways you could aim to achieve your financial ambitions and map out a detailed financial strategy.
  3. We start to put the plan in place. Once you are comfortable with the strategy, we begin to put your plan into action.
  4. Keeping your plans up to date. As times change we can review your plan and help make the necessary adjustments where appropriate.


Why put your trust in us?
On average, our Premier Private Banking and Advise Managers have over 13 years of banking experience, we are trusted with more than £8bn of client assets and £41m on new Trust Funds every year.
85% of our model portfolios from the Investment Portfolio Service have out performed their benchmark since inception. However, please keep in mind that past performance is not an indication of future performance