My Declaration

1.   I apply for the account(s) which I have chosen in the online Application Form. 

2. I agree to be bound by the published 'Agreement' which includes this Application Form, the Customer Relationship Agreement and the Additional Conditions relating to the account(s) and service(s) I have selected (either now or in future).  

3.  I understand that the Bank reserves the right to decline this application without being required to state any reason, and that no correspondence will be entered into in these circumstances.

4. I certify the accuracy of the information and statements given in this Application Form and authorise the Bank to make any enquiries which it may consider necessary for confirmation of these and for credit scoring and assessment.

5.  I will notify the Bank of any change(s) that occur at any time in relation to the information I have provided in this Application Form.

6.  Where the account(s) is / are (a) joint account(s) I understand and agree to be bound by the joint customers conditions within the Customer Relationship Agreement or any other document forming part of the Agreement.